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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Dakota T-76 Longbow

                                                   Dakota T-76 Longbow
Image courtesy of Dakota Arms

Calibers:338 Lapua
.330 Dakota Magnum
.300 Dakota Magnum
Operation:bolt action
Feed:Blind magazine
Weight:13.5lbs (6.136 kg)
Length:50" - 52" (1270 - 1321mm)
Barrel:LW-50 Stainless Steel with muzzle brake
Barrel Length:28" (711mm)
Trigger:Adjustable, set at 2.5 lbs.
Stock:McMillan A2, Adjustable length of pull, Adjustable cheek piece,
3 swivel studs, and Parker-Hale stype bipod spike.

The T-76 Longbow was designed by Dakota Arms for military and law enforcement applications. It has a matte finish and the stock comes in black or olive drab. The cheekpiece and length of pull are adjustable. The action uses control round feeding and a claw extraction system, a Model 70-style trigger that will not seize from dirt or freeze in rain. The rifle has a highly effecient muzzle break, and with the .338 Lapua round, it needs it.
The longbow is an awsome weapon, Dakota even guarantees .5 MOA. The ergonomics of the design are sound, but the price is a little steep at about $4300 USD. If you can get over the price of the rifle, you have an amazing system. It even comes with a very useful deployment kit. In the right conditions, and with the right shooter behind it, the longbow is capable of 1400 meter shots, and even possible of shots approaching 1 mile (1609 meters) in perfect conditions.

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