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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Harris M86

                             Harris Gunworks M-86

Thanks to ROUNTREE for all the images on this page!

Caliber:.308.30-06.300 Win Mag
Weight:11 1/4lbs11 1/2 lbs11 1/2 lbs
Length:43 1/2"43 1/2"43 1/2"
Barrel:McMillan match-grade, heavy contour.
Stock:McMillan fiberglass; adjustable for length; recoil pad.
Features:McMillan repeating action, bipod.

Also available in .300 Phoenix upon request
Harris gun works is a break off from McMillan, and they continue to make high quality firearms. The M-86 has been employed by the Navy SEALS and other special forces units, and uses the McMillan McHale stock. Harris makes serveral other standard models along with custom firearms
The rumor has been confirmed, Harris Gunworks is officially out of business.

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